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AIXM 5.1 - Data Model (UML)

The UML comes as a zip file that contains the Rational Rose model file (.mdl). There is a matching XMI export.

The model can also be browsed directly on this Web site, which presents it with dedicated pages for each diagram, class and data type.

If of any interest, two other documents are provided here for information:

  • an Excel file containing the list of AIXM UML classes and their properties (attributes and associations), but without any descriptions or other details;
    • the Excel file was temporarily removed from the Web site because it was incomplete - all associations that were grouped inside a <choice> in the schema were missing from the Excel file! It will be made again available once a correct version is created.
  • a diagram that shows the high-level structure and the scope of the AIXM UML model in the form of a pseudo-hierarchical structure.