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This page contains the latest AIXM 5 Release: AIXM 5.1.

The Downloads

AIXM 5.1: AIXM Conceptual Model

This is the AIXM Conceptual Model.

The UML comes in a zip file that contains the Rational Rose model file (.mdl). There is a matching XMI export.

The following support material is available:
- the model exported as a Rational Rose Webview
- a simple HTML dictionary of the classes in the UML.

Zip UML Model  -  527 KB
Zip XMI  -  325 KB
Zip WebView (regenerated in 2013 with Java 6)  -  13,122 KB
Zip Dictionary  -  3, 572 KB
Date: 01/02/2010

AIXM 5.1: AIXM XML Schema

The first zip file contains the AIXM XML Schema files. These include the core AIXM Schema files as well as the Schemas for ISO 19136 and ISO 19139 and the AIXM Basic Message.

The second zip file contains the same files as the first. However, the annotations are included in the AIXM XML Schemas for those who need that information.

Zip AIXM XML Schema  -  210 KB
Zip Annotated AIXM XML Schema  -  309 KB
Date: 01/02/2010
  AIXM 5.1 Sample Data Donlon data set, Digital NOTAM samples, examples of individual feature encodings, etc. provided through the AIXM Wiki (www.aixm.aero/wiki)

AIXM 5.1: Supporting Documents

The supporting documents explain key parts of AIXM 5.1, for example, how the UML was converted to the XML schema. The Temporality Concept is probably the most important document in this section, as it explains the TimeSlice concept used by AIXM.

Acrobat AIXM Temporal Concept
Acrobat AIXM Application Schema Generation
Acrobat AIXM UML to XSD
Acrobat AIXM Feature Identification and Reference (UUID / xlink:href)
Date: 01/02/2010
  Last validation: 21/10/2013  
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