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Digital NOTAM Event Specification

The Digital NOTAM Event Specification defines the rules for harmonised encoding as AIXM data sets (version 5.1 or later) of the information currently published through NOTAM messages. This document is intended primarily to system developers, as most of these rules will have to be translated into computer code that results in database structures, human-machine interfaces, data validation rules, etc. However, the document is developed with significant input from operational experts, in order to capture all the rules and requirements that will guarantee safe, efficient and reliable Digital NOTAM operations.

The main goal of the document is to enable the interoperability of the different systems that produce, transform, transmit and consume Digital NOTAM data, as part of the digital aeronautical information is general. The application of common rules is also expected to reduce the cost of the implementations because it minimises the need for mapping and adaptation of the data coming from different sources.

Digital NOTAM Event Specification - version 1.0

This initial version that contains scenarios planned for the first step of the Digital NOTAM implementation in the European region.

Editorial Note: some diagrams in the document might be unreadable at the scale at which they are embedded. This is the main reason for which this document is provided in Word format. This allows to copy/paste and to enlarge the diagrams concerned on a larger paper format (A3, landscape), if necessary.

MS Word EN  -  Event Specification (1.0)  -  3426 KB
Proposed Issue: 08/06/2011

Digital NOTAM Samples

This is an initial set of examples of Digital NOTAM encodings, following the rules contained in the Event Specification, Progresively, more examples will be added. The objective is that all examples included in the Event Specification scenarios are also provided as AIXM encoded data.

Zip Digital NOTAM samples - including the Event XML schema  -  243 KB
Proposed Issue: 10/06/2011
  Last validation: 10/06/2011  
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